Making art on the stove

I’ve just joined the workshop Whimsical portraits and dreamy landscapes with  I wanted a change and trying out a new medium. And then Ivy announced her new workshop.  It was meant for me.

The workshop opened yesterday and I’ve watched the lessons. Today I was ready to start trying myself. It was quite fun to try melting wax. At first I went to thick, so I scraped it of and started over.

I ended up with this piece.


I love the feeling of the surface, smooth and soft with structure.

Here is some details. Love how the photo I took last summer was ment to be in this piece, and the fact that transfer dissolved in the wax adds alot to the whole piece.



I started of by doing a transfer of this piece I made about 6 months ago. It turned out in a whole new way.


I will love to do more with this technique.

Painting siting in my couch 

As I work on going easy on myself I feel I need art in my life more. Some days I want to paint but it feels overwhelming to stand infront of my easel. Those days can be just perfect to practice painting on my iPad. 

This evening I took out a sketch I made in my Moleskine sketchbook, and took a photo of it. Then I started painting in Procreate, and then I used Distressed fx, Repix, Brushstrokes and iColorama. So much fun to use my own analogous sketch and take it to the digital world. Exited about what I can make of this with more practise. 
This is the original sketch from my Moleskine sketchbook.


Magical forest – iPad art

I’ve been wanting to try and make more digital art. I think it is nice to mix my ways of being creative in and I also think it will be good to learn from it. And as I saw that Ivette Newport and Robin Laws was putting a workshop about it I had to jump in. The class is called Paint & pixels, learn more about it here. It doesn’t start until September but I want to try it on my own first, so I try every now and then on my iPad.

It really is so much fun. And so easy to go back and forth. And today, after a long Midsummers eve, we all were so tired, so we spent the day in couch. I then took out a picture from yesterday. And created this digital art of a magical forest. It took some time going between the apps, Snapseed, Procreate, Repix, Lensflare, Brushstrokes and Distressed fx. In future I hope to do more sketching of my own, I do practice already, but it takes practise. One may think it is easier on the iPad, but it takes another kind of technique to master it. It will come in time. And with a little help from Robin and Ivette it will be more easy I hope.

Here is the picture I used to make this painting. I saw the potential standing in my brothers garden and I’m glad I took it. 


Midsummers eve


Yesterday celebrated Midsummers eve. The last years we had quite celebration with just my husband and our sons. This year we went to my brothers family.

It was a wonderful day. We’re always think that the weather should be warm, sunny and blue sky. And always we get surprised that the weather is the opposite. This year was grey, and about 14 C. We had warm clothes on and blankets in our laps, since Midsummer should be celebrated outside.

I needed this day. Warm at heart and filled with laughter.


Art as therapy

Lately I’ve been having rough and hard times. To many things to deal with at one time. And it only gets worse. And it’s now a fact that I got a depression.

But knowing that I feel I can deal with it better. And I’m taking one day at a time. One of the big heavy burdens might get lighter pretty soon, so I feel that I now can start crawling up from that big black hole. Although I’m realistic and know I will have set backs.

I’ve been having some energy lately to paint again. I’ve been feeling I missed painting, and I have tried only to find myself giving up.

This past week or so I’ve been discovering new ways of painting too. I’ve decided to try and paint using my feelings. Working intuitive.

This evening I put my headphones on turned up the volume and danced while finishing this pice. It felt so so nice.


I used all kinds of materials, a real mixed media pice. It’s acrylics, wax crayons, inks, oil pastels, charcoal..  Wonder if I forgot something?  😜