Artentwinde workshop is on, and other stuff

Since I had a great week last week, in art making, I felt up for a painting Saturday. So I got up, stayed in my pyjamas, and was all fired up.


But then nothing. Nope. Felt some what disappointed. But then I took a lot of time hanging out with my sons instead. Such valuable time.

Yesterday Misty Mawns workshop, artentwinde started. And it always feels like Christmas when it starts. This year it feels a bit different, hearing and seeing her takes me back to the week in Italy. Back to the studio, smell of burnt oak and olives from the valley of Orvieto. Back to times when new friendships was made.

It amazes me what she touches inside of me, what she makes me do. It’s like the right buttons are being pushed. I felt that as I sat sketching this evening.  I try different things. And it makes me feel good.

Have had a great evening for myself. Couch-sketching while watching meaningless reality shows. Total relaxation. Love how this turned out. Went for a bit exaturated features and texture. For once Im sattisfied with the hands.


I’m warming up

Today’s the third day in a row of painting. Such sacred time. It gives me so much. I hope it will continue like this. I could use a weekend of painting, it’s been to long since last time. Cross my fingers, hope not to catch the stomach flu that all my boys have had during the week. I’m the only one left now.

On Monday Misty Mawns new workshop starts! I’ve been longing so for that day.

Today I finished this portrait. Guess I need some color in my life at the moment.


For no reason, out of no where

Lately I’ve had rough times. It’s hectic at work. New computer systems are installed and old once converted. Many things that needs to be closed and new to start. At home we are handling many things on many levels, and it’s tough.

So for that reason I’ve been making other things a higher priority then making art. And I haven’t even felt like I’ve wanted to either.

But to day I took the opportunity to paint. And I wonder what made me do it. Today wasn’t an ideal day to paint. It is Monday for starters, the most hectic week at work have started,  the day at work was longer then usual,  my three boys are home due to being sick. And on top of that I had a bad night due to son throwing up.

So what was it that pulled me in to my studio were in haven’t been in what feels like ages ago?

Any way I’m happy I made it, and I’m so glad this woman appeared. I had no intent,  no exceptions. Perhaps that was the key?


Time goes by

Time goes by, just to fast. I do paint, almost every day, but due to family business I don’t feel I got the energy to spend as much time on social media.  My Instagram is more updated then this blog. Link to your right if you’re interested.

Here is some of my most recent work.






Establish – 2015

It wasn´t up until last year that I decided to try out this “choosing a word to guide you through this year – thing”. I had seen many others try it and loved it. I decided for “GROW”. And I sure have done so in 2014, I have tried so many things in the arty word, I have started to make my own style and I have a rough idea of what I want to make from now on. And lets not forget my trip to Italy for a arty week with Misty Mawn and many other lovely people, that week I grew like never before.

So… when 2014 was such a success, why not try another word. This year will be “ESTABLISH” and it stands for many things. One is to find a stability to stand on, in art, life, health, work and mind – in short words. I have many other things written about this to my self as well. Lets see what 2015 and “ESTABLISH” will bring to me.

I have now joined Art to the 5th, documented life 2015. I joined in last year but never finished it, but this year feels different. I feel it now is a bit more free then last year since there is not just one theme for one week.

This first week is about using book paper and beeing my own goal keeper. Its up to me to interpret that in to what ever I feel like. Now, this spread doesn´t show much book paper, but I started out with covering it up with bits an pieces of book paper, planing to really make it show, but one thing led to another and now the book papers only show by the texture of this page.

Camilla Olsson Art - Documented life project week 1 2015. Mixed media art journal spread.