Revisited an old painting

For about a year this painting have been hanging over our TV. I never felt pleased with it, but my family liked it so we hung it. But I´ve been feeling it wasn´t mine. Not my kind of face, not what I wanted to paint. So some weeks ago I took it down to start repainting it. Making it mine.


So I took it down from the wall. Didn´t tell the family, I knew they would talk me out of it. And then I started making correction marks on it. The proportions was so wrong in many ways. Felt good to being able to see what was wrong.

And then I started adding charcoal and pastels and mixing them with oils sticks. Now I feel so much more pleased with it.

Here are some detailed pictures for you, so you can see the marks better. I like that my support lines are showing through here. Earlier I would have hated that, but now it feel just right.


Love the pastels looks untouched here, and I´m glad I took out my scraping knife to add layers to her hair.


Thees are my favorite marks on the painting. Just random marks in wet oil paint.

CamillaOlssonArtRed-5 CamillaOlssonArtRed-6

Scraping off paints add character to a piece.



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