What happens right now…

Here is a post for you all to give some insight on what I´m up to right now. I was invited by Anna to answer a few questions about what I´m working on right now. I felt that it was a good opportunity to share some more. I´ve been quite quiet for a while, and I have been mentioning some, but not all.

I am going to answer the following questions:
What am I working on?
How does my work differ from other work of it’s genre?
Why do I create what I do?
How does my creative/writing process work?

If you then feel that you also would love to share your answers please let me know and I´ll come and read your post.

What am I working on?

I´m right in the middle of Gillians workshop Unearth, gather and create. That workshop is really giving me so much and changing me and my way of creating. So that´s why my posts aren´t on a daily basis any more. I´m working on finding my way, my style or I may also describe it like this, I´m investigating on what get´s me going and how to be more secure. So now I´m doing lots and lots of sketching trying to define the features in a face or how the human body is constructed. I also am playing and experimenting on how to use my supplies in new ways.

Here are two pieces I´ve been working on recently. I´m trying to keep it loose, mixing lights and darks, keeping a limited pallet.

Camilla Olsson art original mixed media painting

Here is a start on a background, perhaps it wont go any further, perhaps it will be set aside for months or perhaps it will be perfect for a painting tomorrow.


How does my work differ from other work of it’s genre?

This is a hard question to answer. I definitely would put my self in the mixed media artist genre, but what differs me from the others? I´ve grown since I started 2,5 years ago. I started with making cards and pretty soon I fell for mixed media like Christy Tomlinson made and later Donna Downey, Balzer designs and many more. One thing led to another and I found Misty Mawn and here I am now. Painting is what I love, but that don´t differs me from other artists. I simply can´t find a good answer to this. I´m hoping though that one day, when I´ve found my style and I grown, it will show when ever you see a painting and you instantly see that it was me who painted it.

Why do I create what I do?

Painting and creating gives me time to be with my self, discover who I am and what I want. It makes me complete it gives me dreams that I´m working on to full fill. Like that I´m going to Italy in September to attend Misty Mawns workshop for a whole week. I´m meeting wonderful people online and that gives me a lot too. I also feel that it reduces my stress I often feel. I´m so happy that I found this creative process.

How does my creative process work?

Now days I do a lot of thinking and sketching before I paint. Before I just sat down and started. Now I sketch and try things in led first, and then I can try it in my art journal and then if I like it I can make int on a bigger canvas if I want to.

4 thoughts on “What happens right now…

  1. Thought provoking answers – it seems so many of us are trying to find our way, our style….I know I certainly am. I’ve found many responses to these questions around the web and they’re all so different, yet a bit the same. You can read my answers at creative-explorer.blogspot.com Hope you visit.


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