At night I fly

When I painted Picasso’s Blue Nude the other day I felt I wanted to do a page in the same techniques I used on the Picasso page. But this time my way. And at the same time I heard people talking on the TV, I can´t remember what they were talking about or what it was about, but the line I fly at night came up. And then I knew it. I have to make a page about that. I took out my manikin and shaped it like  it was flying and started sketching. One thing led to the other and I had the shape.

Then came the struggle. I tried a few versions on the page. I got a bit to adventuresses and stepped out side of my vision, to far away from Picasso. I tried, and tried and then… (with a little help from Gillian) I knew what had to be done. It all came so clearly then.

Here it is, my page At night I fly.

At night I fly - Art journal page in Camilla Olsson Arts Moleskine A3 Art journal.

Walking my path with Picasso

This spring and summer I have devoted my time to a workshop that is giving me so much. It is giving me time to reflect on what I want to make, what appeals to me, step by step. We are soon at the end of the workshop and now I do have a vision – or visions. I don´t want to write all about it here, but I guess you will see the work in future.

This last lessons have been about narrowing down what path I wanna walk – kind of, in short words. And we were giving the lesson of painting a painting of some one else. It is an old technique just in art classes, so why not here as well? I found it hard to find one painting that looked some what like my visions. But after a while I remembered a painting of Picasso that I have been admiring for long time. Picassos Blue nude.

It was very interesting to try this. I learned a lot and yes… I think, I know I will explore this kind of expression more.

Here it is, in my Moleskine A3 art journal. I just love the lines and all the marks, the lost edges…

Here is Camilla Olsson Art doing a lesson for Unearth, gather, and create. Learning from the best. Here is her version of Picassos Blue Nude.


Amazing meetings with painters today

I feel so moved today. Deeply touched by a few meetings with other painters today. I´m so glad I took the time to do this trip. It definitely was worth driving through winding roads so small that cars can´t meet.  I think this little trip will be in my heart and soul for a long time.


Today I took a day for myself. Let the others go to the beach. I took the car on winding roads out to the country side. There was this art tour I wanted to see. Don´t know if you know about this kind of art tours, but there is a area where artist open up their own homes to let others come and see what they are doing. I have never been to a thing like this. There was 16 artists that was on this tour. I visited six of them. The winding roads were stopping me, didn´t feel I could handle them safely, should have had a driver with me.

So let me tell about two of thees meetings. First there was Karin Wahlström, she paints in water color. Beautiful paintings. I was lucky to have her by myself for a while, and she took the time to talk about the paintings and we came to talk about being a painter and she encouraged me to paint more, she was interested in my art to and I talked about my ideas for future. It felt so good to talk to a kindred spirit.

Another wonderful woman was Lisbeth Gustavsson. I think she moved me the most. She paints in water color and acrylics and her acrylics captured me the most. There was this one painting I stood close to for a long long time. It was a painting of her grand children sitting on her front door step eating strawberries that just had been picked. She also took the time to talk too me. I said that I was captured by it. I admired some spots and showed her. It was the spots where the canvas was showing through. I never can do that myself. Finding it hard, but I love it in other painters paintings. She said that those parts were important to a painting. They are necessary, as necessary as the meetings between the lines in a painting, and the meeting between different areas and the variation between thick an thin. I shouldn´t be afraid for it. I had to practices that. Get in with a cloth and wipe paint off.

I´m so happy that I took this day for exploring others art and talking to them. I treasure this day.

Over heated

I don´t do well with heat. So the climate in Sweden is usually pretty good for me. But now we have a heat wave. It is even so that the public is being warned about it. That happens when they think that the temperature is going to be over 30 C for 3 days in a row. Now we have hade that temperature for a week.  And I´m back to work. Sitting in an office with bad ventilation. This morning as I got in I felt that the air was out and the temperature was 29 C inside and a good 18 C out side. To me this is making me exhausted. Stops me from being able to think or do anything, I have no desire to eat, I eat something light by the clock and force my self to drink plenty.

So that means, I have hard time drawing, writing or painting. I so miss that now. But I have managed to edit some photos this week. With some I mean two. One you saw yesterday. I´ve joined in on a workshop in iphoneography. So much fun! I´m hoping to get better at this and perhaps incorporate this in my art or simply just trigger my imagination and to inspire me to paint in a new way – my way.

Iphoneography by Camilla Olsson Art. Four photos was beeing used. The apps used for this was: Superimpose, DistressedFX, Repix, Afterglow.


Magic #facingME prompt 17


“And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”
– R Dahl

facingME is my own project about myself. It is a list of prompts I wanna work through. You can read about the project her and see the other posts from there or through this link.