Catching up – “Soulfulness”

I´m all caught up in exploring new ways of creating now days. I chose “Grow” for my word to guide me this year and I now realized that is just what I have spend this year doing. That is my focus. And the last couple of months have rally been intense with that. That`s why it has been so quite around here lately, because this experimenting and trying isn´t something I want to share and blogging about it takes time from experimenting. But now I feel ready to share some of it. And I promise more blog post during the week that comes too.

I want to explore and find my way of expressing myself, I feel much drawn to the undefined things, things that make the viewer think for her/him self. And make up it´s own mind about what it is. I call this series “Soulfulness” Here is the first one up for you to see.

#Soulfullness . New mixed media series from Camilla Olsson Art

They start out messy and inky and that give me the freedom to create. I love to see the ink spread at this stage.

#Soulfullness . New mixed media series from Camilla Olsson Art. Here is a work in progress.

And then I add paint in different layers, add more ink and paint and ink and paint again. Back and forth, back and forth, until I find the way to show this soul. This image below is not the one I continued on above.

#Soulfullness . New mixed media series from Camilla Olsson Art. Here is a work in progress.

This upcoming week will be much about getting ready for my trip to Italy. I leave next Sunday. I can´t wait to get there. to meet up with every one. I have one concern…. how on earth am I going to be able to create with all the inspiring people in the class??!?!

My suit case is standing on our living room floor at the moment, waiting to get packed.

Foto: I'd better start thinking of what to bring to Italy next week.



Welcome – September of 2014!!!!

Finally! September of 2014 is here! I´ve been longing for this month for so long now. 20 days until I get to go to Italy – Orvieto, to learn to paint from Misty Mawn and meting up with friends for the first time. I´m so happy. My butterflies in my stomach is still there, but now they are more happy then they are worried about the traveling part.

I got all set for the trip. Suitcase is being ventilated, passport is picked up, Euro have been ordered, checked the supplies list and yes… I have it all. Had to take it all out to see how much it was. I´m greatful that Misty thought of a short supplies list. You see what I will bring below. I also threw in some things of my own, that I think would come in handy, but not that much.

Supplies for a arty week in Italy with Misty Mawn.

I´m hoping to fit thees in my suitcase as well. But They weigh a lot so I might have to down size on them.

Camilla Olsson Arts Moleskines, A3 sketch book, A4 sketch book, A5 skethch book and a yellow A5 note book.

I guess I can start packing any day now. Fall is here, it is getting colder and in Italy the weather is still summery, but there is no rush.



Shadows – on canvas, from my #facingME project

Some months ago I did a prompt for my #facingME project, I called it shadows. And now I´ve made a canvas of it. I thought I had finished it some weeks ago, I took it to work and hung it there. But as the day passed I felt it was flat and i realized that black do not make a painting deeper or darker. It needed color. I took it down this Friday and took it home. I´ve worked on it for the weekend and now, I think it is finished now. I´ve learned so much from this painting as I used new techniques from the “Unearth, gather and create” workshop. I thought that I didn´t like when paintings was glossy, but I tried and WOW, it makes such a huge difference. Only bad thing is that it makes it so hard to photograph – not to self, take photo before it is glossy.

The photo do not make this justice at all, not at all. Have been trying to take photos of it in every single room in the house, out side and even in the garage, but this is the best I can do.

Shadows - Camilla Olsson art - mixed media painting.

This is the before painting, from when I thought it was done.

Before "Shadows" was finished - Camilla Olsson art - mixed media painting.


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Embracing creative mess

This week have been so hectic and after work I´ve been totally smooched. Been vegging in couch, with no strength other then watching some episodes of “Friends”. I tried to defeat the smoochednessy feeling, took out my over sized Moleskine, stabilo marks all pencils and white paint. But it just didn´t work out. To day I had better luck. Felt alive for a change, so I put on music in my ear phones, lovely r´n´b . And started working on the spread that was a mistake the other day. Continued on the mess, embraced it, used it and had fun.

Here is the spread

Embraced creative mess. A art journal spread in Camilla Olsson Arts Oversized Moleskine journal. Mixed media. Stabilo marks all pencils, white and black paint.


I bought a easel for me to work with my art journal on – or papers too. Found it to hard to paint flat. It was money well spent for me. Love this easel. Now I´m thinking of buying a propper easel that will stand on the floor. The one I got now is one for the field and very unsturdy. Not good to paint with big canvases on flat floors.

Embraced creative mess. Camilla Olsson Art with her easel, Moleskine and a painting in the background that is waiting to be finished.

Working in small

I mostly try to work as big as I can. But at times it is nice to work on smaller pieces. That way I can try things more quickly to see if it works for me or not. Here are a few small pieces, in post card size Ive made recently. I hope to be able to make thees in bigger sizes some day (when I do get the time to).